“It’s Been A Long Time” – Original Song
“Moon” – Original Song


Danny was born as an American/Turk in Los Angeles. He grew up in a dual cultural environment between the United States and Turkey. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2008 with a degree in Music Therapy, and has since been living in Istanbul. He has experience working with child growth and development, adult psychiatric health, and trauma rehabilitation for refugees. He has facilitated workshops across Turkey at various universities, symposiums and festivals, and is an internationally published co-author. Danny is one of the pioneers of Music Therapy in Turkey, and is well-known for his work across Istanbul and other cities.

During clinical work, Danny uses his extensive musical knowledge across a wide range of instruments, including the guitar, bass, percussion, piano, drums, harmonica, vocals and the Turkish bağlama. He is fascinated by the effects of music on human behavior, and aims to build positive relationships through musical interactions. He is inspired by those he works with, spanning a wide range of ages and cultural differences. With a blend of client-centered, cognitive behavioral and existential approaches, Danny’s work is characterized through improvisation, active music-making and songwriting. He has also established an effective model of practice working online, taking into consideration worldwide pandemic conditions and safety precautions. Utilizing his many years of experience, he is an effective facilitator for individual and group sessions, harnessing the linguistic elements of music to bridge cultures and divides.

Additionally, Danny thoroughly enjoys producing his own original music. He is dedicated to the intricate process of music production, and has plans to begin a new phase in the music industry. Aside from music, Danny is an enthusiastic photographer, website designer, writer and family man. He is also formerly known as Danny Sunshine Lundmark, and is currently in the process of transitioning to his “proper” name. It’s a long story, but if you ask nicely, he just might tell you.